Sunday, May 18, 2008

Typhoon Preparation

Typhoon season here on Okinawa is from June 1st - November 30th. Last year we didn't have to worry to much because I was only here for one of the Typhoons and it wasn't a bad one so mommy was still able to take me outside to go potty. Since this year I am a big boy and we don't know how the season will be mommy and daddy had to add one more thing to their Typhoon Preperation List...

Teaching me to go potty inside the house on the puppy pads!

I have this confused look on my face because I didn't know what mommy wanted me to do.
Here I am looking cute on the potty!
I was doing all kinds of tricks for mommy to because she had treats.
Mommy finally had to take this thing outside and put it by the grass and I finally went potty on it! Next mommy said she will have to move it inside and try and get me to potty inside the house. I am a good boy though and I know that I am not allowed to potty inside the house so this will be kind of tricky for mommy to convince me to go inside. Wish her luck because we are getting close and we already have a typhoon that is passing by here but not directly hitting us.

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