Monday, December 1, 2008

Fiona The Conehead

On Thanksgiving day, mommy and daddy took Fiona away and she was gone for a while. She came home the next day with bandages on her paws and a cut on her tummy. Mommy keeps her up on the couch with her now so we can't play rough. She has a cone on her head like I use to wear because of my allergies.

Fiona's paw with the bandage to protect her stitches. Her dewclaws were removed.

Here is Fiona's shaved stomach.

Here is the incision from where Fiona was spayed. Her stiches are all inside.
She is doing very well and has had no complications.
We are all happy she is home!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Visit With Conan At Shuri Kannondo Temple

This was our second visit to the Shuri Kannondo Temple. The first time we came to visit, Conan was sleeping so we were unable to see him. When we arrived this time Conan was out on a walk so we decided to wait for him to return.
Conan the praying dog.

Here is Poncho at the temple.
Bambi is waiting every so patiently for Conan to return from his walk.
Fiona is keeping her eye out for them to return.
Fiona couldn't believe that Conan prays. You have to check out his blog to see him in action. He is amazing.
Finally Conan returned from his walk. He is a very handsome dog. We were very lucky to have met him.
Here we all our with Conan.

Ryutan Paradise Cafe

"Do you puppies want to go for a car ride?" Those words are music to our ears. Off we went to check out a new dog cafe with our friends Bambi and Poncho. Ryutan Paradise Cafe, here we come. It was such a nice day outside that we were able to stick our heads out of the open car windows. Ryutan Paradise Cafe is very nice and decorated so cute. We all sat outside in a covered patio area while our mommies drank coffee and had some sweets. Everywhere you looked they had their little trademark. Even on the belt buckle of the waitress had it. We like it because we think it kind of looks like a French Bulldog. After the cafe we headed off to Shuri Kannondo Temple to visit the praying dog Conan. That will be in the next post. We had a very good time today with our friends. As always we have a people hangover today and we are very lazy. Fiona was so tired last night when we got home and she fell asleep with her tongue hanging out of her mouth. Keep checking our blog to see where we will go next.