Thursday, December 16, 2010

We're BACK...

Things have been crazy since we moved to Korea. Lots of things have changed.
For one the weather here in Korea is very different than Okinawa! It is so cold here and even though we have fur coats, I don't think anything could prepare us for how cold it gets here. It has already snowed twice. We have yet to be out to play in the snow but Mommy and Daddy have been busy with our new brother.

We also have a new addition to the family. We have a new baby brother. Fiona thinks it is her baby and our Mommy and Daddy are just taking care of him for her. I think he is pretty cool. He wakes the whole house up at all hours of the night. It took Fiona and I a little while to get used to his crying. We are looking forward to the day we get to play with him.

Here are some random pictures that Mommy took of us from over our hiatus.

Until next time...