Sunday, December 20, 2009

Fiona's New Collar & Leash

For about a year mommy has been looking for the PERFECT collar for me. While looking on ETSY (a place to sell and buy all things handmade) she found the perfect collar and leash for me. Here I am modeling my newest fashion neck wear.

Bully In The Bulldog

This is Satchmo's new thing, to sit and guard his food so Fiona won't eat it. The sad part is he gets so upset he doesn't eat his food. I only put the food down for 15 minutes and if he doesn't eat it then I take it up and try on the next feeding time. He actually went almost two days without eating. He is such a hard head and BULLY! I guess he finally broke down and was hungry enough to not worry about what Fiona was doing and eat his food. Look at these Yoda ears...

New Stuff

Mommy recently got us some new stuff. We got new beds, again! The covers of the last ones she bought were to difficult to get back on the bed. Satchmo also tore a hole in his and it was unable to be fixed. We also got some new bones that we love and so does mommy because we haven't destroyed them yet. We are trying though.