Thursday, February 5, 2009

Cherry Blossoms @ Nago Castle Ruins

We arrive at Nago Castle Ruins and to our surprise...

We had to walk up all of these stairs!

and more stairs...

looking down at one part we knew we were getting our cardio workout for the day

We are so tired! Where is Poncho? He had a free ride in the backpack!

Once we got up all those stairs we were trying to find the look-out tower...

Once we saw how much longer we had to go we chose to walk back and get the car and find the look-out tower. We stopped at this cute little park to rest for a minute.

We found this alternate route back and crossed this big bridge.

On the bridge there was a great view of the city.
Mommy got great pictures on the bridge.

The cherry blossoms were beautiful.

Now back down the stairs...

We finally found the look-out tower and this is the view from the tower. Part of the top was corded off for construction so we were only able to go up about half of the way.

We were so tired on the way back we were knocked out in the car!

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