Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Visit With Conan At Shuri Kannondo Temple

This was our second visit to the Shuri Kannondo Temple. The first time we came to visit, Conan was sleeping so we were unable to see him. When we arrived this time Conan was out on a walk so we decided to wait for him to return.
Conan the praying dog.

Here is Poncho at the temple.
Bambi is waiting every so patiently for Conan to return from his walk.
Fiona is keeping her eye out for them to return.
Fiona couldn't believe that Conan prays. You have to check out his blog to see him in action. He is amazing.
Finally Conan returned from his walk. He is a very handsome dog. We were very lucky to have met him.
Here we all our with Conan.

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