Friday, August 29, 2008

Fiona is growing like a weed!

Picture taken 30 July 2008 ~ 6 wks old

Picture taken 28th August 2008 ~ 10 wks old


Meg and Babar said...

they grow so fast! Babar is pushing 17 pounds or so now, and quickly coming up on 20! Fiona is so cute and it looks like she is getting along well with Satchmo :)

Satchmo the french bulldog said...

Yes they do grow too fast! Wow I can't believe Babar is almost 20 lbs. Fiona is already bigger than Satchmo when he was her age. It will be cute to see how she fills in. They are getting along well. I don't have her out of the cage fulltime yet so it is like wrestle Mania when I let her out each night. I will start letting her out next week fulltime. This should be fun! Thanks for your comment.