Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New Food & Medicine

As you all can see from my last post about my new toy, I am back in the cone! I starting itching again, rubbing my face all against my bed and the carpet, and licking my paws. I have a little red rash of red bumps all over my body. I had these same symptoms a few months ago and the vet put me on antibiotics and steroids thinking it was just a skin infection. I did clear up but I started itching again about a week after finishing my meds. Mommy took me back to the vet yesterday. The vet is now thinking that I have food allergies. The food I had been eating was a sensitive stomach food made with chicken. The vet put me back on antibiotics for two weeks and a steroid for 5 days. Mommy switched my food to one that isn't made with any chicken or beef.

I love my new food! I even lick my bowl when I am done eating! It is Sensitive Skin & Stomach Formula made with Salmon. If you would like to read about it here is the link:

This is my medicine. They package everything so cute here in Japan even for dogs!

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